40 MCQ 40 Marks
2 SQ 10 Marks.
TOTAL 50 Marks.

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Chapter 02

Introduction to Marketing (MKT202)
Course description:
The Introduction to Marketing course is designed to give students in business and other disciplines an overview and understanding of the important role of marketing in organizational and global success. Students are introduced to all the significant uses and functions of marketing in both profit and non-profit settings. In addition to learning basic marketing techniques, students learn to appreciate why small, medium, and large organizations must develop a market and consumer oriented focus if they are to succeed in an ever competitive global environment. The major topics to be covered are: creating and capturing customer value, market research, consumer behavior, segmentation, targeting and positioning, execution of the marketing mix: product, price, promotion and distribution techniques and strategic marketing planning. Throughout the course, emphasis is on the application of concepts and perspectives to current marketing problems and opportunities, through case study analysis, class discussion and video presentation.

Required text: Principles of Marketing, Kotler, P., and Armstrong, G. (2012), 14th edition.
Supplementary: Introduction to Marketing, McDaniel, Lamb, Hair (2011), 11th edition.